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About Winnipeg Website Design

Winnipeg Web Design is a team of artists and programmers that have dedicated their careers to creating innovative, user friendly websites that meet the needs of their clients. WWD’s head designer has been creating web graphics for over 13 years and has an excellent grasp on what needs to be incorporated into a successful website design. Our programmers are well versed in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Javascript and JQuery, and can implement countless applications to meet your specific need.

Whether you’re a small company just starting out, or a larger company looking for a fresh new look, we want to work with you to create the perfect web presence for your growing business. Online branding and brand recognition are 2 of our specialties, generating hundreds of thousands of local clicks to localized business websites. Working with you, rather than for you, our group is always readily available to discuss your site at any stage during the creation process, and we encourage you to contact us at any time, even if it’s just to discuss some new ideas you want our thoughts on, or to ask us a few questions about your internet marketing strategy.

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Start your project off proper, and let us come up with a solid plan for future web dominance for your business.

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Web best practices bring fluidity, beauty, and function to our web designs created for your business website.

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Our reach goes beyond just design, WWD's master coders can bring any app, custom script or design to life.

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We will work with you right through the launch of your website, ensuring things go off without any troubles.

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Our Services

Winnipeg Website Design can take your existing web presence and give it a new and modern look, or start from scratch, and through proper planning and design, create you and your businesses an online web presence.

Turn visitors into customers, and customers into fans. Our team will work hand in hand with you (or your team) to help turn your ideas into functioning and memorable web experiences. This page mentions most of our services, but if you are interested in something that is not mentioned, please give us a call or Contact Us.

Through our Custom Content Management System, users are able to maintain and update the content of their website without any prior knowledge of website programming languages. We will work directly with you and assess your needs as a company, and tailor your Content Management System for you. Our attention to detail in the development of your custom needs allows us to create a unique user interface.

Once the development cycle is complete and your website has been launched, it does not end there. With multiple methods for training we can assist with your training required to operate your Custom CMS. Our development team will facilitate the training process in a way which works with you and your designated operator.

he Content Management Systems we create are an easy to use, fast and efficient method to control your websites contents. Whether your need is for a custom news release page, information or product management, or if you desire a way to directly interact with your customers, we can build a custom solution for you.

A custom Content Management System brings to you the following benefits:

  • You can manage your website from a single, easy-to-use web interface – No special software or web coding skill needed
  • Change images, templates, videos, and written content – improve appearance of your pages within few clicks of the mouse
  • Tweak navigation control to enhance ease of use for the users – make your site flexible and effective
  • Enjoy rapid deployment of your content for an increase in search engine activity
  • And most importantly – You can maintain your website yourself. No need of any third party help

Logo design is a key component for any successful company, both online and offline. Winnipeg Web Design works to create smart, attention-grabbing logos that not only are visually appealing to the viewer, but also can be easily carried throughout the various marketing avenues you have available. Your logo becomes your immediately recognizable image that defines who your company is to the public, so it needs to be done right.

In the initial stages we will have a meeting to ensure that we know the requirements of the project, we cannot create a design without asking what you really want. Once we’ve decided on the direction you would like to proceed, we will take some time to research your business, your competitors and your ideal target audience. Your logo, as an extension of your business, needs to be relevant to your niche market whether it’s coffee beans or balloon salesman.

Once we’ve completed matching the vision of your design, we meet with you to share the final product. During the process we often develop multiple design choices for you to consider. We will then ask for your feedback, and if there are any corrections to be made we will then address them.

Once your logo has been completed and designed to your satisfaction, we will then deliver your finished product in a format you can easily use. High resolution, easily scaled images and complete files with which you can use for multiple media formats.

The design of your company logo becomes your identifying element which when properly created, will become your businesses legacy and be a perfect match and compliment to your brand. Contact us now to begin the process of making your name and website known to the world.

Winnipeg Website Design is more than just a run of the mill graphics design company. We know that the key to a successful site also has a lot to do with the content and applications that are offered to the user. Your website needs to be built with the intention of engaging the visitors to your site, whether through a comment section or even just an newsletter service, their attention needs to be captured.

The difficult truth about building custom web applications is that many of them can end up failures. Building a custom web application is a more in depth process than building a simple web site, and the Internet is riddled with the failures of well intentioned entrepreneurs and businesses that were unable to bring their complete vision for a web application to reality.

At Winnipeg Website Design we specialize in building web applications and salvaging those previously failed custom web application projects. We have a unique design process that we have honed while working on sites that needed custom programming and design attention.

  • With the first step of our design process we directly work with you to identify your requirements and create an outline to completely define what the web application and site will do.
  • Once the initial programming has been completed, we then move to the testing phase when we thoroughly test the site to resolve any issues. We have a refined process and utilize several tools that enable us to work through this phase very quickly and efficiently.
  • Next, we ask you, the client, to perform a review of the nearly completed project. This is an important phase as you can come up with a list of changes or modifications so that we can further refine the finished product.
  • The final phase of the project is the training and maintenance phase. We will monitor the web applications we develop for you, and you can come back to us for modifications and enhancements to your site and it’s function. Some modifications are small and we can quickly do but others may involve going through the design process again.

Contact us today for a some of our web application development capabilities and to see how we can help make your vision for a custom web solution a reality.

Winnipeg Web Design is a team of experienced graphic artists and web programmers trained at designing professional websites for both large and small companies. With our rapid and simple design process, we can bring your online vision to fruition in short order and completely on point.

We will help you become heard online, as well as become known as an authoritative source in your business market. We have a basic, affordable design process which values both your time, and your investment, and maximizes our efficiency to provide you with a complete web design, focused on form and function.

We have a commitment to exceptional quality with which we build each and every website, whether it’s for a fledgling business just starting out, or the large corporation looking for a new online image. We are not happy until you and your users are happy with the website, that includes design and functionality.

We will help you through the website design process, following your directions as to the look and interaction level you desire on your site, as well as making highly qualified suggestions in how to best retain visitors and return your investment. After all, chances are you aren’t launching a new website to make friends, so in the end, it’s about earning potential and what that means to your business.

Designing a new website is a strait forward process that doesn’t need to be complicated by adding unnecessary bells and whistles into your site, simple is often the best course of action. When you’re ready to make your move online, whether you’re a new website owner or you’ve long made your brand, Winnipeg Website Design will be here and ready to move forward with you towards that next step.

Contact us now to begin the process and bring your business, organization, or personal page into a digital work of art.

Having a website is useless if no one is actively using it, or encouraged to continue using it. In todays competitive online environment, having a clean functioning website is essential in attracting, and retaining customers. At Winnipeg Website Design we have a quick, and simple development process with which we can supply you with the website and online presence you deserve as a company.

One of the first steps we take when you’ve made the move for a new website, is to learn what you types of functionality you require your site to do. Working in a group with you, we will identify what the core function of your website is to be. If you’re looking for news letter sign ups, a shopping cart installation, or just an informational site which you can use to serve information to your customers, these will all factor into what is needed to design and develop your new site. Once we’ve identified the functions of your website, we then move into the development of the form (design).

Developing your websites image, design, and layout is a fairly straight forward process, and often utilizing your existing information and logos if you happen to have them. Most companies have an image of their business, and it’s this phase where we can bring that vision out. We’ll work closely with you in order to capture what you have in mind for your business, because the end goal is to satisfy your needs as a client, and produce a website that meets your businesses needs, as well as your visitors.

After passing the basic color scheme and function stages of the website development process, we take that information and begin putting together the site that you’ve been waiting for. The design and development of your website is just as important to us as it is to you, and as such we bring all of our skills to the forefront for you and always build for usability.

Before we move your new website from our testing servers to the live server, we do many separate tests and ensure that once gone live, you have a smooth transition to the new website. We also offer after launch coaching, and tutoring to help teach you to keep the website updated yourself, which saves your business thousands of dollars over the years.

Winnipeg Website Design offers a number of hosting packages with various features, all of which have been included with your convenience in mind. We have a number of hosting arrangements we can work with you to provide, but all of our plans are comprised of the following, required in our opinion, basic services.

2gb of online storage – The amount that we’ve arrived it may seem inadequate in todays world where you have a 500gb hard drive in your computer, but web storage is a different environment. The storage counts towards the assets required to effectively run your website, that includes the images, videos, flash images or static images you may like to use. And where the internet is concerned, the more steamlined you can be the better, so we will ensure that your files and web architecture are properly compressed for maximum speed.

10 email addresses – Our basic email hosting plan is served up with online accessibility, as well as being designed with an email client in mind. The preferred method of access should always be Outlook or a similar email client, as it will download and backup your emails for you if you need to access any of your information, at any time.

Unlimited Bandwidth – With the internet becoming more and more available to users, from a PC, mobile device or a tablet computer, having unlimited bandwidth is more like a requirement as opposed to a nicety.

Unlimited tech support – Our door is always open at Winnipeg Website Design if you should be having an issue with your existing website. This is an accessible feature, one which can be used whether or not you’re an existing client, or someone who needs to have a site issue addressed don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weekly backup of your site – We ensure the security of your site and make sure to take a backup of it on a regular basis, just in case the unthinkable happens. If your site suddenly has a major issue, we can quickly remedy the situation with the backup with minimal downtime.

Our Portfolio



Design & Development

Noble PVC Windows & Doors is a local Manitoba Company (Stonewall) and has been serving the Winnipeg and surrounding areas with high quality PVC windows and doors for over a decade. Their product is manufactured locally and they service both new construction and renovation projects.

Noble PVC Windows & Doors has had a couple websites done over the years by Winnipeg Website Design and Fresh Traffic. Noble wanted a clean, fresh design that was crisp and fresh on the eyes. Naturally, we wanted design elements that showcased the window and door products, but also simple, easy to navigate pages. Clutter and general overcrowding in the design was something that needed to be eliminated, it is better to be simple and clean.

Projects like the Noble website are fairly quick jobs, turn around can be as fast as a week and are great for companies with products manufactured in house that aren’t cataloged in any way. With limited imagery, or graphics not available in web formats, a quick clean web design solution is needed that gives enough info to acquire first contact.




Design & Development

Heat Assault is a local company with a huge global concept. Pest control, and more specifically, bug control has become a big industry in our big cities. With bedbug epidemics in many of the centers, a solution was needed to effectively rid a residence or location of bedbugs at all stages of growth, including eggs.

Enter into the equation Heat Assault. They eradicate bedbugs entirely by attacking them with heat. By rapidly bringing temperatures up to 120f to 140f, the insects and their larvae, pupae and eggs are dead. This removes the headache of spraying in intervals over weeks or months to ensure all newly hatched eggs were dead on initial spraying.

Our design plan for Heat Assault wanted to showcase the technology, but also educate the consumer and show them why Heat Assault was the right answer for their problems. We wanted a clean fluid design, but still with a little color and character. Also as requested by the client, there is a focus on the green aspect, and that Heat Assault used no chemicals and was one of the industries most efficient heat removal solutions.




Design & Development

Bunty’s restaurant needed to update to current web standards and incorporate a online menu and ordering capabilities.

They wanted something fresh and bold that would showcase dishes and ingredients to make the customers feel like they were really in the restaurant and felt some of the ambiance.

Bunty’s is also built on a content management system so that the restaurant can update their own menu, prices, and images. This allows to build some quality visitors and customers as they know that the site will always be current and better, then any flyer or listing.

The website and it’s functionality all turned out great. Hours of operation, online ordering, online menus, and many other features were easily added after the initial site was built. Users have the ability to view the items on the menu, and tailor their order right from the website.



Design & Development

Fort Rouge Glass was looking for a website that gave off a solid, bold and professional look and feel to it. The contrast of dark and light which works very well with any glass, made it a no brainer.

Utilizing bold colors like black, red, and white, we were able to put together a website that showcased Fort Rouge Glass’s workmanship, product, and image.Logo work, web design, and photo editing were all part of this website design.

The Fort Rouge Logo was also part of this project, and similar to the website design, being bold and full of contrast, it also needed to be able to be used on other forms of media where a dark background may not be viable, like flyers or newspaper spots.

Overall the client ended up with a simple, clean, professional and eye catching website that they can update and maintain themselves with little to no effort. This allows them to showcase their products in a gallery type setting and gives prospective buyers a way to check out product and workmanship and become informed leads before they have even called for a quote.


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